Oh something I just remembered… I got freakin 8/10 for my DCA speech. I was very surprised… you could say shocked!!! In fact outta the whole class the highest marks received were in the 8 range (there were a few – around 3), so yeah very surprised. And I was kinda freaked for that when I did it, because it was a biggish class of just over 30 people, whereas in high school my classes only ever had between 5 – 10-ish (well the classes I talked in anyway). So yep… thats my major news……… Back to ICS now… f***kit really I’m just gonna proof read it and thats it…. blah some ppls………. GRRRRR.. that’s why I sometimes wished I didn’t go to uni but was working. In real world work, you of course have the same kind of environment, where some people are hard working, and others arfe the bludgey type. But in the real workforce you’re not working towards the damn grade that you graduate with. And yes in the end it is a piece of cardboard but thats not the point for me. It’s about whether I’ve achieved my true potential… and I know this semester I haven’t for all mu subjects. In particular ICS, which if you read my previous post I actually quite like. Funny shit is its helped me understand a few things better. Stuff I couldn’t understand last year. Well I didn’t have the mentality then to be able to absorb the thousands of thoughts, feelings and emotions that were within me. And to some degree now I s’pose I can, ‘cos some things make somewhat more sense these days. There’s still occasional thoughts that have no answer, but that’s because they don’t. Just philosophical frameworks and theories. But reading’s not my style, so I’ll have to make do with what I’ve read, heard about so far.