I went on a bike ride this morning… quite suprised that I actually woke up. It’s more refreshing in the morning than in the afternoon though, I must say. Yeah kind of starting an exercise routine… bike ride, a few stomach crunches and some squats. And some dumb bells for the arms. Time to get fit… and toned… hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up, this time not just for the holidays, but for at least half of next year as well…. or make it my mission to exercise at least once a week.
Well I’m going in to uni today for a few hours maybe… haven’t been that productive at home with OOD (which is a suprise), so I might get more done there with uni buddies… which is weird, ‘cos I have always studied by myself. Like last year when we had class study/revision session before the hsc, I just sat there and did crap all…. ‘cos I get distracted easily when I’m not alone and focused.
Oh Sal comes back next week some time… yay… but she’s working most days…. still it’ll be cool to catch up…

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