It’s THE RETURN OF THE BLOG!!! Pulled it down for a week or so, as I had to think about its future. Previously my blog was private and unknown, so I guess now I’ll just hafta post more generic info… well stuff that doesn’t involve my deep/dark/meaningful thoughts, as in that respect I’m not exactly jumping to share them with the world. No offense to any of you readers out there. Well i’ve gradually added stuff to this site… it’s taking time but thats because procrastination is one of my best pastimes when I don’t actually have anything that useful to do. I have yet to paint my room (at this rate it won’t happen), lug the furniture outta my room to clean it, learn some C, play with Java and JDBC amongst stuff. Other than that, thing’s are kinda on the nice/good side at the moment. Been working a bit since exams finished. Some days it is tiring, but its pretty cool.

Oh on another note, I’m going to apply for a tutor job next year. The other night I got a email from a Subject Coordinator saying I’d done very well with a score higher than 95%! But I wonder what the 95% meant, 95% all round, or on the final exam, or on the assignment? I hope its all round… though if that’s so, that is some CRAZY SHIT! But yeah I dunno which subject to apply for… The thing about it is, I will wonder how I fit everything in, uni, working, tutoring etc… work would be round 12 hr per week (based upon 2 days) uni 14 hours or so (thats on campus) and tutor bout 6 – 8 hours… I know if I tried I could manage. But then it would mean I have less time for procrastination… What to do?!?

On a slightly more solemn note… it’s been a bit hectic these last two days… ‘cos my Grandma’s in hospital (in ICU at the moment) ‘cos she just had mega surgery. And so because I don’t drive me (yet) me an my bro have been going to an fro between whatever we have to do and visiting at the hospital. I hope she gets better soon.

Now to MUSIC… Powderfinger is on this Friday… WOOT! and The Living End the following Tuesday… MEGA WOOT! And there’s TWO Big Day Out’s in Sydney this year… >.