I’ve had a busy weekend. And after it, I appear to temporarily hate networks – in particular wireless networks. Seems to point towards the router now, though it doesn’t explain why some of the computers got allocated a IP in the correct range. It was real weird, as the router is set on DHCP to allocate IPs in the range of – where the gateway is, yet 90% of the time when using the other two wireless cards, I was getting allocated an address in the range of 168.254.x.x which technically according to the setting up of the router is not possible if DHCP is working properly. And anyways obviously if allocated an IP in that range, it ain’t gonna work because thats a totally different address to what the LAN is running on ( Plus no gateway was specified either so where did it get the IP address from? And yet when manually specifying the IP address and subnet mask and default gateway, it still didn’t work. Sometimes don’t you just hate computers?