Hmm well yesterday Telstra unveiled their new plans. Their Unlimited* cable plan is VERY tempting. 10GB for $69.95 speed may be limited to 64kb after the 10GB. Optus at the moment is the same price but for 3GB throttled to 28.8kb (pre 1997 speeds I say!!!). But then Telstra counts uploads as well as downloads, but then again it also has a free download area, which has all the stuff I need – utility type programs, MySQL, Linux etc. Optus better follow suit or we’re outta here. Though Telstra locks you in for a 24 month contract :-(.

Oh today I booked a driving lesson. It better not be got on Thursday at 1pm. I need a second (third?) opinion, and also just to be on the safe side for Monday. I probably left it a bit late, but as the saying goes, it’s better late than never. But the stupid thing is it costs $50!… hmm but it may well turn out to be a good $50 well spent… in which case I shouldn’t be complaining.

Oh I was thinking about a conversation I had the other day and I wonder how they knew? Maybe read me website? but this version doesn’t really mention it… maybe a previous? or maybe I’ve mentioned it previously and just can’t remember? That’s probably the most likely answer. But do you ever wonder what things may come? I mean what we vision for our future is rarely what actually happens… hence don’t think about it much. And is it fate or destiny, or are they the same thing? Of course if it was either, I guess it explains me sitting here and typing, because it was inevitable… yet if it isn’t fate or destinty, then what is it?

Well this post/entry has taken me yons to complete, ‘cos I’ve been off reading other websites. So I’m gonna go grab a drink or a biscuit and them I’m off to sleep.

P.S. Google Bombing sounds funny, do a search on Google to find out more about it. Funny in a nerdy kinda way really.