Well the third and final Big Day Out annoucement is out… it’s a bit of a hmm… urmph from me. I actually haven’t *heard* much of the band’s on the lineup, so it will be interesting. Though I’m definatley gonna check Muse out when their on. I formatted my comp today – twice… the first time ‘cos I stuffed the tweak/hack thingo to get Windows XP Home to run IIS. But all is well now, so I’m cool.

Also, I bought a CD today. North by Something Corporate. It’s pretty good… for when I’m in an emo kinda mood. I like – the CD artwork though, stencil kinda stuff.

Not a long blog today… I have an idea for a programming project… I was going to use VB.Net but then realised I was missing an install cd – Windows Component Update… so unless I decided to do it in java or resort to jsp… I dunno. Let me think……..