Powderfinger was on last night. It was pretty good. And they actually played for quite long. I must say it was kinda cool looking down on the standing floor area as it looked cool (by the time we bought tickets they were sold out – and this was the day they came out!). Oh and I kinda found out Friday night like midnight-ish time that I’m going away on hols in Feb from the 8th to the 15th.

This morning me and my dad went for a drive to Aldi at Strathfield to have a look and buy stuff – see if it was noticable saving and the quality. Though must say some stuff is cheaper and some is around average. There’s these biscuits they sell that are a very good imitation of Tim Tams… and juice was kind of cheapish.

But this blog shall end for tonight…. as I’m kinda tired… came home last night almost 1, then bummed on my comp for around 30 min then went sleep. Waking up early today didn’t exactly help.