Mmm so in the last few days, I’ve been to The Living End show (it rocked! as per usual), got my uni results, went lawn bowling, been to the movies… Uni results were kind of okay… a bit less than I would’ve liked, but I guess I’m still happy with them. DCA made them a lot better. I owned DCA!!! 98!!!. As I know I got 8/10 for my speech, thats where I lost the 2 marks. Which means I got fullmarks for both exams and the assignment… woot! 90/90 for my assignment… that was a pretty damn cool assignment though.. and you could kind of say I loved it to some degree… if you’d seen my previous highschool IPT assignment you’d see what I mean. Anyways it’s my mum’s birthday party tonight, so things are pretty crazy here. She’s turning the big 5 – 0. So I should have a shower soon, cos I have to drop my cousins back home then go pick Sal up. Laters