Mmm sometimes are you lost and not sure WTF you’re meant to say if anything? I’m in one of those dazes… well I wouldn’t say a daze as it’s not really like that but kind of like that if you get the idea? Anyways went over to Chats with Sally today bummed bought some pressies for relos etc.. yeah the usual Christmas rush pretty much.

Going to work tomorrow. I’m going to go in early and leave early… also because I dont think i’ll go any days between the 24th Dec to 1st Jan as I wanna bum with friends and stuff then and go to the beach. And then after that the days and weeks will fly back, school will go back in 20 something days, and I’ll be on a cruise in a month or so, and Sal will be back up in Coffs. Life just kinda seems to float on by. Float isn’t the right word, fly seems more correct. And in this year it’s been interesting.. uni is good but to me it is still the same as high school. Unfortunatley for me, I don’t feel I’ve achieved alot this first year at uni. By that I don’t mean like grades or anything, but I mean just an overallness. I’m pretty happy with my first year results… but in a wider scope… I haven’t learnt/achieved to the extent that I did in high school. Maybe as one mentioned, that just shows how much the HSC is a struggle/push a stupid process in which we do more work than is theoretically good for our health to get into this thing called university. But then on another note, maybe it’s because I learnt alot in those last two years, that I feel I haven’t achieved as much as I wish I could? Blah this is just a boring self centred entry.