I went to work/school today. Only stayed for 3 hours. I figure if I do a couple of 2-3 hour days I’ll finish by the end of the hols/ So yeah I rock up round 8:30 and leave 11:30 ish… so it’s pretty good/okay. After school today though, I went and visited Mama in hospital. It was kinda okay. She looks worse for wear than she did about 2 weeks ago. Like she’s kind of suddenly aged, and her skin is all wrinkly and dry and limp and yeah bruises still where theres been needles and all. Not exactly the nicest sight, but I guess that’s to be expected. I stayed there for a pretty long time, like 1 and a half hours, ‘cos I had to help her eat which was okay, though she’s kind of lost her appetite, and her will at the same time. Kind of sad really.

On a lighter note, I hope the weather is good this weekend, so we can hit the beach… maybe Bondi ‘cos Manly’s all like kids now, ‘cos they think its the easiest to get too and the parking is kind of reasonable, if we actually get into the carpark and split the cost. But yeah I guess we’ll just wait and see on the weather and who’s free.

Mmm and I’m in a little bit of dilemma. I’ve applied for one tutoring job at uni, and am now hesitant on submitting my resume to a second one. Firstly ‘cos present work can employ me for up to 3 days a week next year. I was gonna work two there and another at uni (assuming I got the job). Uni would be tutoring, which is kinda newish to me, but I think I can handle it. Plus it’d look good on the resume, and it pays slightly more than current job. But… I like current job, and its nearby, so I gotta take into account the travel/time verses expense thingo. Also the uni tutoring days the subjects are on are my actualy free days which means I’d then be working really 1 and 3/4 days at present job and 8 hours roughly at uni. And yeah current job I can get to in like less than 10 minutes, whereas uni would take upwards of at least 30 minutes… what’s better uni on your resume or a school? I dunno… I’d love to do both. Staying with current job, I would do similar thing to at uni as well, like teach ppls how to use computers more efficently etc. So yeah I dunno. But yeah next yeah will be kinda cool/busy… working like 3 days and going to uni for 3 days too… (one of the days I go at night, so yeah). Hectic!