Grrr the Big Day Out timetable is up, and dammit Muse are clashing with Jet. Bugger… but I think I *have* to see Muse… ‘cos there music is… I can’t describe it properly, maybe enchanting is the word? but not the exact word I am looking for.

I was reading this blog today and the blogger was talking about the state of the I.T. industry in terms of outsourcing. Was interesting, as I have thought about these issues this last year and a bit, because it’s something that will affect me in the future. Though I guess I do have a backup plan up my sleeve which I would be quite happy/content with too, so I guess thats a comforting thought.

Mmm at the moment I’m stuck with coding something in Java. Been using JTable for the first time and I’ve skimmed the docos only briefly… but now I somehow need to update the model when the user enters/changes the data in a/the cells and am having probs doing so. The docos are confusing, and my brain ain’t functioning so maybe I’ll have another attempt later. Mmm though I probably should’ve done this in ASP.NET or something I guess, but I don’t think my version of IIS supports ASP.NET which I s’pose is a reason not to do so, plus I haven’t looked at .NET on my life!

Stockholm Syndrome by Muse rocks!