And I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Okay so I’m a couple of hours early, but it really doesn’t make no difference. Today is as good enough as tomorrow and for that matter any other day. Mmm its a bit different this year. Dad has gone away for a couple of days down the coast so it’s just me, bro and mum. And tomorrow we’ve gonna have lunch at Mama’s instead ‘cos she’s back at the nursing home now. Yeah different is a way I’d put it, though the usual was kindof mundane in its own way. Wanted to hit the beach on the 26th but apparently I’ve got some air hostess of a cousin who’s in town who I have to meet or something. Still hopefully I can meet them in the morning then nick of to the beach? This and next week is the beach week! Weather better be good…

Listening to Something Corporate… it feels kind of melancholy in here… the coolness of the air conditioning against the darkness of the room with its blinds closed to stop the sun, casting a glowing shadow inwards as I sit here, in front of the brightness of the screen typing away here…

_If you ran to the end of the earth, i would catch you and you would be safe

if you fell down a well, i would bring you a rope and take all of your pain

all the pain

all the pain

that you hide from me everyday_