I’ve been reading. And their not computer books… *runs in shock horror* Mmm I use to read alot until around Year 7/8 when the interest started to wane. Other than that latest fascination is with the ocean/water, snorkeling and swimming. I remember when I use to swim every week… *wonders where my goggles and swimming cap are these days* Thinking to make it a habit to go swim every weekend if possible. In the last week have already been twice, and going again this Saturday – weather pending. For now will be swimming/snorkeling at Clovelly. It’s nice and sheltered there, good for swimming, in a nice outdoors environment unlikely the chlorine indoors of swimming pools (that are now inside due to easier maintenances/costs whatever the reason is these days). Maybe if I’m bored/interested someday, I might borrow my bro’s spear gun thingo and go spear fishing or something… but dammit I need a stupid licence, hence have not been fishing in yonks!

Tomorrow going to buy flippers, dad is coming with me (maybe he will pay? but I doubt) to help me get/choose some. Also gotta buy ticket for RBF + Area-7 this Friday night. Am going alone, no one else really into those bands – I *have to* see them, I also have to buy two shirts. Ahh after I see them I will have seen like 3 of my favest bands. Favest being The Living End, Reel Big Fish and Area-7. Mmm should’ve gone see The Ataris when they were in Aus a few months back methinks.

But yeah back to me book reading – I read so damn slow these days compared to when I use to read. Bah first time in years I’ve read a normal (i.e. non computer/technology/science/etc) book out of my own free will in yonks. But I think I need to expand my knowledge in other areas… well I’ve slightly suspected/thought that for a while now, but I feel somewhat limited in other focal points of life – i.e. historial, political etc – i.e. anything not in the sci/tech field.