This afternoon when I came home after picking the watch and my grandma (then dropping her at my aunts), I opened a Pepsi and settled down for a quiet afternoon in the darkness and coolness of my room. But then soon later my brother came home, and pleaded with me to take him to the beach. I asked ‘who with?’ and was quite amazed when he said ‘no one, just you’, as I won’t take him and all his mates places ‘cos their too distracting and do stupid shit in the car. Anyways so yeah I said yes, we grabbed all our gear, snorkels, masks, flippers and trekked of to Clovelly. When we got there I was amazed at how low the water level was (low tide), and was thinking it would be shit, because there wouldn’t be much water for the fish to swim in. But I was wrong… in fact, so, so, so wrong! OMFG it was SO GOOD!!! Most of it was shallow water though further out it was very deep. There was so many fish, and they were all different types. Even in the the shallows of say just above my knee, there were like 6 or so Bream swimming. And they were pretty damn massive too. My brother was quite amazed, pretty funny when he tried to talk to me out of his snorkle pointing crazily at the fish. Hell we even saw 2 Gropers. The Gropers were either brown or red gropers, and damn huge they were too. What was cool, was like rolling over to float on your side, and see the fish swim by you. And watching them eat the weedy stuff of the rocks. And trying to chase them underwater. Seriously, these fish were massive. And they weren’t just boring fish. There was so many different species, and I swear some must’ve been tropical fish (brought down by the currents). I saw this bright orange fish which had these blue areas (kinda circles) which were BRIGHT blue. I only saw one of them. It was heaps nice. And there were lots of these like fluro yellow and black fish. But yeah enough about talking about fish right now. Next time I’m going at low tide, with an underwater camera!