Hmm, well theres a bit to fill in since Thursday. Big Day Out, was definatley one BIG DAY OUT! Muse rocked… I’d say probably rate in the top 3 bands I’ve seen (the other two being RBF and TLE). Queued up with Sal for like 2 hours to get a decent spot in the D barrier! But it was worth it… Metallica were crazy (the crowd anyway), quite glad wasn’t in the mosh then, ‘cos I think it would’ve been just a bit to hectic and crazy for me. Storm was nice… funny watching people jump the barrier and dodge the security guards to get into the D.

Today went to Maq with Sal. Got her BDO photos developed (I have a copy too… woot! – thanks heaps 🙂 ), and watched ‘Along Came Polly’ ’twas a pretty good movie, funny… though like most movies, the endings were stupid. Man, Ben Stiller is funny… Oh also bought 2 CDs… spent time contemplating… in HMV they has U2 Best of… for $14.95 but I only like a few U2 songs… in Grace Bros it was damn $44.95! >.