So before we had another ‘let’s all yell at each other’ session, and just a couple of minutes ago we just all did again… ahh the pleasures of a seemingly normal family – NOT!!! Really when this same issue/convo starts again, I think 3 outta 4 really get the shits and pissed of (me included in that count). Maybe missing number should wake up and realise before its too late, though imho it already is. There’s nothing worth saving/chasing/rescuing – not as this stage and not into the forseeable future. My brother is maybe a *bit* too vocal in his expresssions/thoughts, whereas I am more subdued to myself… of course, that said I’m ready to join the arguing/yelling when I decide it is something I feel strongly enough about. But doing this so is annoying and hard, as the reason I’m vocal about them in the first place is because they’ve bugged me/affected me/us/etc. Some people should pay attention to issues more closer to home rather than concerning themselves with other peoples lives/problems/issues. E.g. when one knows why one’s bf gets rashes and where as well you start to wonder when one cannot even remember what one of there own asks/tells them, let alone know what one’s favourite colour, food or music is… See when things like that occur, I’d say things are remotley FUBAR. But yeah thats it. Eh probably just needed a rant and rave, so I’ll be okay in tomorrow or in a day… But as my bro says things *are not* going to change, eh as if that couldn’t be seen. It’s all lies… a strong word I know, but its the plain truth. We’re use to broken promises, nothing new there. Isn’t it screwed when you can’t even rely on someone supposedly meant to be related because they puts other peoples lives/problems/etc before things closer to home. Sometimes I think certain people would be better of finding a new family… ‘cos really it’s like a 3 person house here most days… well at least 90% of the time anyway. I complain about how we can’t have a decent convo. And when she tries to start one, it after everyone has yelled at each other, and is not exactly the best time to try and start a convo. And then when she knows I’m getting annoyed she sits there so I get even more annoyed, and she knows so she does it more – she has said this herself! Bugger all, sometimes people have to know when to stop. And to make matters worse, why bother having a convo when it goes in one ear and out the next? or the arse as my bro says. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I need some tea… good night, and sorry if I’ve all depressed you with my rant and rave… but it’s bugging me and kinda different continuation from previous matters. Plus theres some other things on my mind at the moment… stuff which doesn’t concern me directly just yet, but I hope we’re doing the right thing, as it may matter (and prob will) in the future.