Okay, this morning was one crazy morning. I had to drop my bro at school then come back home as I was designated ticket buyer for Blink 182 – well I volunteered as I was like the only one who could arrive at work whenever. Anyways so from 8:45am I’m at the Ticketek website waiting for the tickets to go on sale. As it gets closer to 9am the site is *really* gluggy and half the time I got he busy page. Anyways so 9am comes, I manage to get a connection to the website, I select 3 tickets but alas as I click ‘Buy’ to go to the next page, the website dies (too many requests). I try for a few minutes more to know avail, madly look up the Ticketek phone number but its busy as well… at this point I’m all *GRRRRRRRRRRRR* so I go to school, as I remember I have to do some stuff with comps in the morning so I can try the net at the same time as installing s/w. Around 9.30 I can get to the site again, not as bad as before, but got the busy page a few times. Anyways it says ‘Limited’ tickets available… so I select 3, but then it tells me there are not enough tickets available, so I try 1 (out of curiosity), but it tells me theres not enough then too. I tried a few more times in case the website/server was playing up but nope, so I was left to contend with it being Sold Out! But then after hitting refresh it said ‘Second Sydney Show’ and I’m like *woot!!!*, and madly hoping their already on sale, and that the server won’t overload. So I madly key in all my details and off we go (hoping it didn’t crash in the middle of the transaction)… and woot I got them. Both shows are sold out now. Apparently the first sold out in 2 minutes and the second show in under an hour… Moral of the story: Never try and buy tickets to a popular event over the Internet or Phone. The traditional way is alot better, stake out a venue preferably the Entertainment Centre or Ticketek on Elizabeth Street!