So my post has been a few hours delayed. Got home a bit after 11 ish I think. But then I soon fell asleep after unpacking my stuff, checking my email and having a shower. Woke up sometime after 5pm. Think I have hopefully caught up on the missing hours of sleep. So how was the cruise in the South Pacific. It was pretty good I s’pose, but I’m glad to be home, because a week seemed along time for me. I miss my CDs and music, my computer and I think even possibly working. Isle of Pines was very beautiful, it would’ve been nice to be there a few days more, just to snorkel more and swim around. Saw bits of Noumea, weather was very humid, water was warm but still nice, probably would’ve been better if we saw more of it. Oh and food, it was like non stop eating for the last seven days. Deinners were 5 course, after breakfast came lunch and after lunch came a mid afternoon nap… and also for me the pre dinner nap. I might or might not to a longer post later (or in a few days), but I have to go now ‘cos have to work tomorrow, and I’ve got some stuff to do first. Laters…

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