I looped back a switch by accident today. ‘Twas funny (well actually it wasn’t at the time), because I created chaos when there was only 15 odd staff in the school (quite possibly less!). Haha then I’m at home eating dinner and I get a phone call with X going ‘I’m gone a day and you did something to the server???’ – it was a joke not to be taken seriously… lol… ah well, it’s nice to know that others do make mistakes too (same mistake has happened a few times…). Well I’ve decided to go for the uni job, hopefully I’ll get it. I think I’d be interesting to go down that path in the future possibly,so this will give an idea, even though slightly different in context. School’s cool with it, I knew they would be, but I thought I’d let them know and also in case I need a reference. It was weird (yet I wasn’t that surprised I guess) when Y asked if they matched if I’d stay on… I probably would in different circumstances, but I really need to work out where I want to head in the future, and working 2 jobs will help me decide upon this (or so I think). Hell I prob. wouldn’t mind researching all my life, if ableit the financial security was more viable and rewarding… ahh well.

Ooh, I just had a brilliant idea, Heya Sal! This is my reply to your email… Kind of like 2 for the price of 1… I get to write an extra long blog and a letter/message/email (what should I call it? a blog msg?) to you as well… here goes:

No worries about the late reply… I’ve been working, catching up on sleep. I’ve been tired these last days, but I doubt I could have travel lag considering there was no time difference! But I’m sitting here in front of my comp, so I guess I’ve got time to do something. I want to format my comp, but I don’t know if I can be bothered spending 2 or so hours. Though I prob. will so, ‘cos it always gets the better of me everytime.

That’s so weird how you bumped into Tammy… she’s changed courses? Wasn’t she doing a B Sci/Dip Ed at Maq? but deferred for a year? Oh yeah, keep up your blog… I’m going to do so when I can remember (we’ll see how that lasts… lol)… blogs are cool if in a kind of geeky way though.

Lol yeah distance sucks… what am I gonna do this weekend 🙁 …. ahh well I’ll find something, I want to buy some new shoes… not sleeping properly… hmm that sucks, does it make you fatigued during the day though? I spose if it doesn’t its not to bad, but annoying still. Lats night I couldn’t sleep… it was too hot… and I wasn’t tired…

Anyways I’ll see you online sometime, or if not keep blogging and keep me filled in on what your up to (same goes here)…


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