Got an interview next Thursday at 11:30am re. the uni job. Cross my fingers and hope for the best everyone (myself included). Today I went to Macquarie after work and for 60 bucks I got some skatie shoes, U2 – Thev Best of 1990 – 2000 and a Roxy lanyard for $60! Bargin. Well the shoes I got from Target, but their World Industries ones. I actually find it very very weird that Target sells World Industries gear. It’s like one of the most expensive skateboard brands (well I s’pose was now, but there skate equip is a rip still), and Target is selling some of its gear for very reasonable prices. Man I remember when I saw World Industries shoes in Surf City at Chats last year – they were a rip… the U2 cd was $14.99!!! Sometimes HMV has good prices, at Grace Bros, or should I say Myer, it’s like $44.95! And the Roxy lanyard was $5 from $9.95. But yeah that’s it for now, need to fix/organise some stuff maybe format my comp? Though I think I’ll leave that till Sunday afternoon?