I just stuck The Ataris’s ‘so long, astoria’ cd into my computer… ahhh… I haven’t listened to this in ages. It’s a bit different to ‘End Is Forever’ more softer and less angsty. Good when your mind is mindless. These last days have been mindless. Not too bad, not too great, just when you wish you could be lying at the top of a mountain peak looking of into the sky falling alseep. Last night I watched the movie showing on 10 which was ‘Finding Forrester’. It was a good movie, I quite liked it. It’s wasn’t exactly action, or comedy more so probably classified as a drama but yet not really. It was just good, ‘cos yeah evocative is the word I’d use. Yeah I’m in a daydreamy mood as of late. Hence the downloading of ‘Over The Rainbow’ not the high pitchy kiddy version but a more flowing one. Like floating down the river without a care in life. Hell I’ve spent the last 2 days listening to Matchbox 20 and U2 (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Maybe I should move on to Coldplay next eh?

Anyways it’s work for me for the rest of the week, some web stuff tomorrow, T&D. Don’t know about Wednesday – maybe I’ll take a break? – but I’m thinking of taking the whole of Thursday rather than go in middayish. What do you think?