Oh the other previous entry still applies, but in other news, I’m going to Fleetwood Mac next Sunday night. Gotta love good ‘ole 2 for 1 deals that Ticketek pulls off every now and then. Yeah I s’pose they are an older band, but they sound kinda okay. And it’s kinda like a little present for my dad. He didn’t want to go for the usual price, $199 or $149 depending on the category for a SINGLE TICKET!!! So I told him about 2 for 1’s and he said if it happened, he’d then go. So I decided I’d pay because it’s in my budget now (as opposed to 2 x $149). And so yeah we’re going to go. Mmm yeah kinda like a present/gift. I s’pose I don’t say much about yeah thank yous and stuff. So I guess this is my own way of it, because he’s great even if sometimes weird to understand (but I’m eccentric too in ways, so we get along!). So on Monday have to pick up the Blink 182 tickets AND the Fleetwood Mac tickets! Wootles!