Well following on from my post(s) yesterday, I guess I didn’t f up ‘cos Deline is now going to be a Lab Demonstrator. Woot! But it was so weird when I got the email, ‘cos there was meant to be somethign attached but it wasn’t. So I emailed of saying I didn’t think it was attached. But then I was really confused ‘cos I was pretty sure it would’ve been included so I checked the header, and the message was Multipart which means an attachment was attached. Then after checking that, Outlook mysteriously showed the attachment. It was *really, really* weird/strange. I have NFI as to why it happened, have never seen it happen before and hope it doesn’t happen again. Oh tomorrow dad and I are going to the Fish Markets to buy real Pilchard to go fishing with next week. We’re going night fishing on Friday coming home, then going fishing at like 5am again on Saturday morning! Crazy eh? but we really wanna catch a Kingfish! And then its the show on Sunday. Crazy weekend, hope it’s great.

Oh funny thing, this last week my brother has had a fascination with my CD collection… weird I say. But he’s been taxing my Powderfinger CD heaps and listened to my U2, Coldplay and Matchbox 20 ones too. Kinda annoying, ‘cos I don’t really like people just walking into my room.