Still crash coursing through An Introduction To C Programming. Am going okay I think. It’ll certainly be less of a jumble. Confusing points are in regards to pointers and the use of & and * with & being the address, and * being the variable being pointed at by the pointer. Up to reading about malloc now. It’s a bit interesting, as its a lot more low level than other programming languages. Though I’ve yet to understand/see the benefits of this. Maybe I’ve been hanging around higher level languages for too long? Though I s’pose C is high level if you compare it to like assembly langauge. Blah went of mid post to eat dinner. I think I ate a little too much chicken.

Oh on another note, uni goes back tomorrow. After 3 months away from uni and a month working pretty much every day(ableit my own hours), I’ve been wondering whether uni was the right thing. I mean like I was sure/definite in 2000 of the path I wanted to take. And apart from a certain period of lostness it’s been the same. Eh who knows what my brain is thinking! Probably just needs to be kicked back into shape =) And the long break coincided with work has only further cemented my view/thought (for the time being, which may change in the future), that I don’t think I want a real job. Real being a professional job as such. I’m more one who would wander aimlessly though life. There’s alot of things I want to do and see. And part of me wants to just ignore and drop everything and do it, but that’s throwing away everything I’ve worked towards, and that’s one big step to take. Too big for me to be comfortable with. really Doing something myself remotley distanced from the rest of the world, is what I need to think out my thoughts. It’s like when your standing on a desolate road really early in the morning in the middle of winter. The fresh crispness of the air and the silence that fills the world around you only to be interruped by the occasional calls of nature, such as a bird’s morning call. Maybe I’m just not emotionally IQed enough to work these things out myself.