Well it’s back to uni today. Am tired, even though got at least 8 hours of sleep last night. Probably got around 9 actually ‘cos I think I went to sleep before 11pm??? Had to fill up petrol on the way to dropping Calv at school, so my wallet’s almost empty again (well until I find an ATM). Lol I worked out where all my money goes… stupid bus tickets, food, petrol. It’s roughly $20 per week for public tranpost expenses to and from uni. And chuck in a few meals when theres no food at home or I’m starving. Bah and if I start the swimming again thats like $4 each swim or something like that.

But yeah, back to uni and I’m sitting at home. Well ‘cos I don’t start till 2pm. Leaving in an hour or so anyways to go to Ticketek and meet some ppls down at Market City. Anyway I’m off to listen to more music and do some more flicking between the various windows that are on my taskbar in an attempt to be more productive.