Well it’s 1:37pm and I’m at uni waiting till 2pm where I have to go to a meeting. Had the first labs today. Was actually pretty good. I think I’ll enjoy it. *Cross Fingers*

Met Sana today (hello! if your reading this). ‘Twas cool, yeah just bummed, then saw Lauren so had a chat to her too. Picked up all my lecture notes… so all is well, and yep.

I should really clean out my IT drive, but its annoying to do so. Probably just download everything on the weekend and burn to CD. Better not lose m DCA stuff, well the code anyway. All that work, and it looked so pretty. Okay so I have a weird fascination with code looking nice when its all indented properly… and yep it’s geek speak now.

Anyways bout 15 minutes to waste now, so I’ll be off on my ways.