Freaky moment… well not really. My ‘X’ key wasn’t working. It felt funny, a bit to bouncy and was a bit tempermental. Got some compressed air and sprayed it about and it seems okay now. See: xXXXXxxx. Mmm maybe some dust under it? But a little bit of dust wouldn’t make it feel so weird?!?

Anyways, back at home now. Meeting was good. A bit different to I expected, but good nonetheless. Yep, following the previous post, I guess you can take it as I like it. Haha what I reckon is funny, is that I look like a first year student myself, because I’m more on the littler side (explains being harassed by security guards!).

Mmm I s’pose I’m pretty lucky I guess, I have two jobs that I like and their both rewarding in many different ways. And I know someone mentioned that because I’ve had it pretty good, it’ll be hard when I get a *real* job in the future. I don’t necessarily think the same. I know I’ve been talking about how I don’t want a *real* job, but I’m talking lifestyle wise. They were talking in terms of $ doesn’t mean as much to me as overall happiness. If we were to go along in life earning all this $ comes second to me I think. Kinda realised that after all that crap. You can have all the things in the world (well you know the saying – though don’t take that to reflect me, ‘cos it doesn’t), but if your not happy it’s pointless. Maybe some of you don’t understand. But when all you feel like for the better part of the day is falling into a deep dark hole and never having to get out you’ll know what I mean. When you want to escape and just be free, when you just want to no longer exist and disappear forever and ever.

Maybe you get the deeper meaning behind that all… When you feel like that, life is worthless there is no meaning. Maybe that’s why I’m not 100% where I want to go in life? I don’t know where or how I will be happiest the most. Where is that fortune telling ball or future time machine when you need it???