“You and I are mortal but rock and roll will never die!” Just finally bought Reel Big Fish’s Cheer Up album. Okay, so you could say it’s old, but it’s the most recent. Yeah uni today was okay. IT Op was confusing in the tute, ‘cos the question was so ambigious we weren’t exactly sure what the hell we were meant to do (something to remember for subject feedback), because otherwise it is a good subject. RE was bloody boring… OMG it took like more than 30 minutes to get pass the third slide! And the annoying part is, it could be a great subject. We can read the lecture notes ourself, we don’t need someone to rehash it back out at us word for word and in a hundred different forms. A simple example here and there would suffice. And the even stupider part is that because so much time is spent on the first few slides (like the majority of time!), the better half of the slides are wasted in terms of examples etc… which coincidentally enough are the more important sections. But yeah after that boring lecture, went up to Utopia with Leon… on the way got some money… and yeah so now I’m sitting here listening to RBF… Reminder that I still have to buy the DVD! Anyways I’ve got to go, eat, watch tv, read yeah usal stuff. Mmm tomorrow I wanna go buy some swimmers… like proper swimming swimmers if that makes any sense. Wednesday is pool morning!