Argh yesterday when I ran AutoPatcher it screwed my IIS up. But I guess that’s partly because I’m running it on XP Home. Anyways so I found this out whilst at uni, as I brought the lappy to do some reading/work on it. So when I came home I spent some time trying to re get IIS to work. After a while of mucking around with W2K and XP Home CD’s it eventually did… *sigh*.

So after that I’ve just been playing with Contribute. Mmm I read about this before and always wanted to try it, but never got around to d/l the trial. Anyways learning it for work, and it really does look as good as it sounds. Going to have a bit more of a play around on it in the next few weeks. I need to test it on other computers. For the time being mucking around on my ProgSoc space. Don’t wanna screw around with the WebCentral space and end up doing something horribly drastic… lol… Anyways I should go, ‘cos I have IT Op tomorrow, and need to do some prep worl for it.