Mmm Tuesday night, 9:51pm. Today’s my crazy day, crazy Tuesdays. Um yeah work day, uni night. I came home and I pulled the piano chair across, turned on the TV, unpacked my lappie onto the chair grabbed some network cables, connected to the network, heated dinner up and sat down for an hour of multitasking……. lol NERD! Um yeah ate pasta, watched TV, surfed net, talked on MSN and tried to work out why my stupid email wouldn’t work! Well at least why id wouldn’t send when i used the i_am address. By the looks of it Thunderbird somehow authenticates whether the email address exists or not I think, and only sends if it does. So I s’pose maybe because my domain didn’t seem to work for an hour or so tonight could explain the reason why??? Any more valid reasons and/or ideas?

Oh sometimes my brother is a cow, well he is tonight anyway. Why should we always drop everything for him? My mum lets him step over her, but I don’t (well at least I try not too), but in the process I’ll always get a torrent of foul language, which is annoying. Maybe I guess if everyone tried to understand things from each viewpoints life would be calmer and easier? But that is probably easier said than done, otherwise it would already have been done – at least I hope I give half an attempt, its getting somewhere.

Demented family