I was waiting for this moment… and I didn’t think it’d happen so unexpected/quickly. I want to go home and lie in bed in the dark. I feel like lying in a corner and just dying. There’s that cold tingle through me and I feel like theres no meaning in life at the moment. It’s not so much a suprise now as it was before. But I still don’t know what to do. It’s times like this when I really want to just wish I was nothing, when I feel that I could and can just quit everything that is meanigful and good in my life. When I few worthless and see no light at the end of the tunnel. I want the weekend to be tomorrow but I have stupid uni. I want to do nothing. I wish that I could express my thoughts in words, rather than this typed banter that I’m posting. When you realise how big the world really is, you realise how little you are in the context of the whole world. What we do and say doesn’t mean anything, what happens around us is just a small speck of the whole universe. One person can’t change the world, and one person can’t save a few. Have you ever wondered if it was fate or destiny which determine our course of life? We’re all destined to part some time but when do we know it is the time? (if we are meant to know?)