Good Morning everyone who is awake at this time. Went to the movies tonight, then came home and started work on DSP assign. Its a bit tricky in some places, with C being so low level… tired… need to wake up at 9am to get ready for uni. Haven’t read the assignment yet, so hope no-one asks about it tomorrow. Can’t wait for hols. Can immerse/absorb myself in own world and assignments that need to be done. And listen to lots of music, loudly. And to catch up on sleep. And to NOT HAVE TO DRIVE MY BROTHER TO SCHOOL!!!

Life is crazy these days. I have little time to procrastinate, let alone any time to myself. Of course I can still fit in the occasional post here though 🙂

You could say am working 2 and a half jobs now I suppose. On top of doing uni full time. So yeah one day rolls to the next to the next and so on.

I need to sleep. good night, or good morning.