Okay, my hands are FREEZING!!! Went fishing down at Kissing Point. Was pretty okay. Caught a Yellowtail. Also caught a Whiting and Snapper but they were undersize, so let them back into the river. Actually quite suprised to see a snapper that far down stream. Pretty good for fishing local though. You leave home and are at the wharf in less than 5 minutes. And your home again in like 5 min when you finish.

Just checked my bank account. Got paid from UTS yesterday. Ahhh sigh of relief that my bank account details didn’t bounce (or whatever the term is). Stupid chinese and english names with weird spellings. No wonder half the deposits to my account always land back up at the sender.

Going up to the mountains on Saturday. Gonna take some photos and stuff. Haven’t been up there in years so it’ll be pretty okay. Other than that, lots of work to be done these hols. have I mentioned how crappy RE is??? well yeah it is fullstop. Databases and DSP are pretty good/okay though.