Woot, just got my Sennheiser HD 497 headphones… and I saved a good fair bit, so it made it worthwhile going out to Parra. The cheapest prices I could find were around $149 and I didn’t think the guy would offer anything cheaper than $140, but got them for $135 and that was paying credit (which was weird ‘cos he asked me if I was paying cash and I said that I could do that, but ended up paying credit). So yeps, check out Sydney Hi-Fi, their good! Apart from the extra long cord, they sound pretty damn fine. And bought a headset mic for voice dictation.

Oh sucky part was I told my mum she was seeking attention. I know thats bad of me, but its sort of true. I mean like when no ones home or its just her, she gets bored and decides to go play to the RSL, because no ones at home and so on etc. I mean like it’s pretty sad that you have to go to the RSL because you can’t entertain yourself. And tripping over and grasing yourself does not really need to see a doctor or get x-rayed. The fact one can walk, talk without pain obviously tells you that. I mean when we were little kids did our parents rush us of when we hurt ourself? No. And maybe quite likely it is partly my dissent that when I really needed people to help me, those who should’ve knew and cared nothing less That’s something that hurts right? When your already hurting and those that are supposed to care hurt you even more? Moved on from that stuff, but still that bitter taste that I can’t completely get rid off at times.