Basically been working on uni stuff since who knows when. It’s kinda like the usual situation you know… which kind of sucks. At least I’ve got DSP out of the way so I’m kind of relieved about that. Two more to go and a revising for tests. And yet deep down I know in the end I’m only getting a piece of cardboard. Normally it’s those who just want to get their degree who say that. Contrary to that, I’m actually at uni to learn and further my knowledge, but deep inside I know it’s a piece of cardboard in the end. What I mean is, most of the stuff you know you learn yourself, and that’s they key difference as one would say in how well one goes. And it sounds dumb to say this, but alot of what I’ve learnt in 2000 – 2002 is kinda what we learnt in uni as well. Don’t get me wrong though, the stuff at uni was cool/fun becuase I’d already had a pre-interest in it, but it still leaves that void of space where learning is yearned.