Caught up with Jess yesterday and did some IT Op stuff. Met her sis too. Haha kinda funny (well not quite) but they kinda got kicked out of Bld 10, ‘cos her sister isn’t actually a UTS student, and in the process Jess got her after hours PIN barred (wonder if that’s for good?!?). So had to go down to the library where it was freezing to get some work done. Then went to Broadway to get some food. After that went back up to Town Hall had a look around then caught the bus home.

Today drove the CR-V for the first time – of course dad with me (it’s his car/vehicle!). Mmm it’s pretty damn massive and the clutch feels harder as opposed to the one in the car. And it’s weight is alot so when your driving it seems alot slower that what your driving at because of it. But other than that, seemed to drive it okay such that dad asked if I wanted to drive it down to Kiama next weekend?!?! Crazy hey? Ahh yeah we went like half way around Sydney (slighly exaggeration here) looking for those things that you use to light stoves ‘cos our old one broke and 2 of our stove plate thingos need it ‘cos the ignitor doesn’t work. And lighting a skewer to light the plate/gas was getting kind of annoying. Eventually found one – though dodgy.

Also went looking for a new budgie but all the places we had too had ones which I didn’t really like – I’m looking for either a purpley-blue or purpley-green one. Going to try and get this one to talk. Even madder if it learnt how to talk in context – hehe then it could sit with me in my room and talk babble… Have a look at Parrot Research for some interesting stuff about budgies. And the one I eventually get better be male (better talkers), plus I can then call it after some of the cooler muppets / seseame street characters like gonzo or ernie or something like that.

Hmm any good movies showing? Just msged Emily to see if she wanted to do anything this week. Hmm haha last 2 movies I’ve seen have been spoken half in another language! Mmm actually wouldn’t mind seeing one of those ‘art house’ movies. Elephant looks intriguing, not for the fact that it’s somewhat based upon a true occurance, but it just seems appealing.

Oh in other notes… people do read this… Hello People’s! 😀 … Hmm maybe I should read this ??? or maybe not??? Just yeah read things with caution… not that anythings going to explode but ahh maybes you know what I mean???

Umm yeah enough rambling from me, I think I’ll go write an email to Sal I haven’t spoken/written/seen her in a while.