Hmm this morning got some mite/lice spray for the birdy and applied it and Dettol-ed the cage and everything out. It seems to be working okay, so I hope it clears up so I can let him fly around and play. Had a look at LiveJournal yesterday ‘cos I like some of its features, but argh its even more limited (I think) than Blogger, so looks like I’ll stick with Blogger. Some Open Source alternatives are cool, but I really CBF moving everything over to my ProgSoc space and setting the databases up etc.

Oh, I heard on Triple M this morning that The Offspring are coming to Australia. Just checked the website, its on Sunday 20th June at the Hordern. Hmm to go or not to go? Only know some of their stuff.. but ahh haven’t heard real music in ages… not since Reel Big Fish!

And for a total topic jump, what’s some good philisophical theories/thoughts/ideas to know? Well ones which try to explain the human existance would be good. That stuff’s mind boggling because theres no *real* answer as such. One could easily drive themself insane by thinking in circles! And who defines what is right and wrong, what society sees as normal and abnormal? Do aliens exist and if they do why are we searching for characteristics/features on Mars that only are based upon what we known as necessary for existance on Earth? For all we know aliens might breathe/eat/require some other chemical make up than us humans require. I guess the assumption for that is that until we (humans) are proved different, we’re assumed to be the smartest things alive? But it’s not necessarily true. Take an example of an NP-Complete problem. No one’s exactly solved that problem yet.

Anyways have to go now, got stuff to do before I go over and pick Emily up to head over to Maq to catch a movie (as yet unknown) and get some food (dinner).