I was going to write about how much I can’t stand inbox , but I’ll change to a wow. I have a Gmail account! Woot! 1 GIG of storage. And spam free (for the time being). Yeah logged into Blogger and it asked me if I wanted to test it ‘cos I was a regular Blogger user… hmm but now that means I have like 5 email address (hotmail, optus, UTS IT Faculty, normal UTS and now GMail).

Hmm well yeah other than that today went into the city in the morning, came home in the afternoon. Then my cousin rang me ‘cos he needed a lift to his school (Knox) ‘cos there was some last minute rehearsal for something that he didn’t know about. So seeing had nothing else to do, drove up to Wahroonga. Man its like a private school in the middle of surburbia (okay, residential streets). Then yeah came home and played with the birdy (Gonzo) for a bit.

Ahh yeh so yesterday me an Emily decided we’d be sad and watch some teen flick… haha Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. It was *so* bad it was funny. Then we were bored, so came back to my house to watch American Pie 2 (which was alot better than the movie we saw). And checked out Ticketek and Offspring tickets go on presale this Friday, so we’re going (even though there like in the start of the exam period! *prays theres no exams the day after the gig*). So yeah I think we’re gonna get out American Pie : The Wedding to watch it some time this weekend.

Other than that, this weeks gone quick/slow… if that kind of makes sense (which I s’pose it doesn’t???). And I realised tonight that our DVD player doesn’t play the SVCD format… annoying ‘cos it means I’ll have to watch on the lappy… and widescreen on a 14.1″ screen is like the equivalant of me going… ewww

Um yeah thats about my post for today I guess.