Take a peak at gmail here</img>. Okay so it’s a shoddy image, but eh its better than none.

Um yeah bummed today… washed the car with the bucket and sponge and am now sitting here with half my pants wet cos the water splashed everywhere.

Tomorrow have a make up uni lecture. How joyful… NOT! But yeah in the morning have to wake up before 9 to by presale tickets to The Offspring from Ticketek. Better damn not sell out! Then yeah head of to uni. Probably tomorrow going to Em’s at night and watch a DVD or something.

Ahh also I gotta mention about Gonzo (the bird)… he’s so hypo it’s funny. He runs around the bottom trying to lift the newspaper up, then when he gets it up high enough, he tips himself over the edge so he gets underneath it. Then he starts running up and down under the newspaper, so all you see is like this moving blob. So cute/funny. I think I’ll go have another ‘learn to talk’ session with him now.