Listening to Good Charlotte. Don’t normally listen to them, this like the 2nd time or something, but listening to ‘Day That I Die’. A while ago you know I would’ve agreed with:


You know the happiest day of my life

I swear the happiest day of my life is the day that I die</p>

(The day that I died)

Can you feel the cold tonight?

(The day that I died)

It sets in but it’s alright

(The day that I died)

Darkness falls I’m letting go

(The day that I died)

All alone but I feel fine


Well I guess it’s very well good that I never heard of the song…

Other than that rolled out of bed at like 6:50am, had some breakfast, then drove in the CR-V to the Fish Markets ‘cos my dad wanted to buy fish etc ‘cos we didn’t have much left (eat a fair bit of fish here). Grandma coming over round 11 something ish, need to finish these assignments sometime but yeah. Probably heading down to Kiama tomorrow for a road trip take some photos etc. Mmm I hope the weather is cold/breezy yet sunny. Nice autumn weather for driving.

Hmm and apparently its too cold now to fish morning and night >.