Did you know that breathing through your mouth is badder for your teeth ‘cos it makes them more likely to build up junk? Well that’s me… hmm stupid demented nose that can’t breathe in enough air! Actually got some work done.. am happy I did it. Really pushing myself to get stuff done the next few days. Will eventually get there (as per usual).

Want to go to the computer markets this weekend, but probably won’t have time. Oh well, always the week after, no rush or life or death situation. Mmm DVD burner, wireless 54g router… and I still have to get a Crumpler bag! Hmm, I have a large expenditure each month… but I guess that’s my own fault 🙁 … stupid me and technology and gadgets. You know what I’ve wondered, if it is physically possible for a house/residence to ever become over populated with stuff like CDs, computers, books, clothes etc. Then again, there was that story of the guy who got buried by his books for like a good few days after they toppled onto him. So I suppose anything is possible. LOL why am I even wondering such stupid stuff?!?