Sometimes I wonder if I really shouldn’t care so much about what happens with family matters/stuff/finances etc. My dad says it’s good/nice that I’m concerned but to not worry about it and just continue my life / education as is, because it’s what’s important. And to the latter I agree (for the time being), but it’s also hard to not become concerned/involved with matters, when their that significant/big. I guess being older it’s of more importance to me. And also because if affects all of us both now and into the future. These days everything seems to be about long term planning. Which is kinda screwed if you ask me, because we barely can predict what will happen tomorrow, let alone where and what we’ll be doing 10 years down the track. Ultimatley I say (and said), is that we should all be happy and comfortable / survive. I mean that’s what really matters right?

And saying that, brought up the notion of thought that some of the most fulfilling jobs are those which don’t financialy support you as well as say working for some large corporation. But if a fulfilling job makes you happy and brings you the knowledge of knowing that you actually helped make a difference, and you can sustain yourself as well, would you choose it??? I might.

You know the saying that a ‘picture says a 1000 words’ sometimes when you look at pictures of people who live in the most remote places, some even primitive, they look so at peace with themselves and the world, as if there isn’t a single care in the world. Don’t you ever yearn for that feeling every now and then? I know I do from time to time. Lol sometimes finding solace is when your sitting on the window seat of the bus with the window a bit open and the breeze flowing, with a pair of headphones and good music playing.

Lol, I certainley have a vivid imagination don’t I??? Well not sure there, but I guess the above has all been thought out and explained in a way I do not normally express myself. Except to this space where I have some tendancy to write what I feel and am thinking in a slightly more interesting way (to I guess how I am in reality). Mmm just for the record, I’m not a Internet chatting person much… lol that’s so passe, I only talk to a few friends here and there (even though it seems I’m on MSN all the time, I just leave it on). Definatley no random people. You know you really don’t know what perverted people lurk on the Internet.