Today was a crazy morning. Dad woke me up at like quarter to 7 or something like that, then me, dad, mum had to drive over in each of our own cars to Eastwood. Then I had to drive mum to work, then go back home. Have a shower, read the news, pack my bag, get dressed and leave at 8:15ish so dad could drop Calvin at school, me at work and make it to his doctors appointment by 9am. But yeah all went to plan. I just got to work awfully early. Anyone know where I can buy a star screwdriver.

Oh yeah this morning a package arrived for me at the doorstop. Was my stuff I ordered over the internet. Cools that it actually arrived. What I always wonder is why when you order parcel kinda thingos they arrive in the morning??? Like at around 7am… who delivers them is the question I should be asking. What else should I order of the internet if any? I would like a crumpler bag… but eh