At uni waiting till 2 for meeting. Had OOP labs today, was lab exam week. Mmm stressful on both parts which I was surprised. This weekend possibly crazy. Need to get a new PSU for my other comp – it’s kind of died… 🙁 Ahh next weekend I have to drive out to Rosehill some schools expo thingo… gotta give some ppls a lift out there. Cools is something to do.

Sunday is mother’s day (I think?) should I buy anything? Have I ever bought anything??? I don’t really/actually remember. I gotta rememeber to visit grandma this weekend. Didn’t go last week. I thought id be able to go midweek once uni went back, but it hasn’t happened. My weeks are jam packed full pretty much.

Back home now… I saved my post as a draft so I could finish it later. I’ve had a craving for peanut butter as of yesterday… dunno why… don’t really eat it and haven’t eaten it in at least a year or more… weird!

I gotta question… I’m apparently getting super, but I didn’t even know it… how am I meant to know where it is going? lol, it’ll probably turn out to be money I forget I ever had stashed away. It’s with UniSuper apparently.