Well it’s 4:07 pm and I’m at uni. Just bumming, Actually I’m typing my revision/summary up for some of my subjects. Normally I’d be on my way home now, but Sal sms-ed me today and shes back in Sydney, and today’s her only free night, so were catching up and going to have dinner… cools, will be good/nice. It’s cool that we’ve still managed to be friends after high school even though we live in two totally different cities/places for the better part of the year.

In other news, the electrical engineers at dad’s work checked the PSU more, and its definatley dead. Lol they were saying if they could fix it they would… and I was to my dad…. um… you know your not meant to open the actual PSU box up, but then again I suppose they *are* electrical engineers… so who am I to talk. So yeah tomorrow probably head over to Strathfield (dad mentioned something about a comp store there that was reasonable), and head over to Maq as well to look at stuff, buy a torx screwdriver etc… Then on Sunday gotta head up to West Pennant Hills to do some work related stuff.

Pretty busy weekend eh? But better than procrastinating either way. Mmm haven’t spoken to Em in a bit… that’s a reminder to myself that I have to pick up the Offspring tickets someday…

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