Went to Luna Park last night with Sal. Was definatley one hell of an interesting night… actually that’s an understatement… I went on this ride and it made me *SO* sick. I’ve never felt so sick in my life… Weird thing though is I usually use to be able to handle rides like that (abliet 5 – 6 years ago). Anyway so after it I managed to make it to the nearest bench. And took a seat. Anyways my hands and legs had no feeling or movements. If you asked me to stand up then I wouldn’t have been able to. What was damn funny was that my hands had gone into a closed position and I couldn’t move my fingers apart! It was as if my fingers were permanently closed with my thumb positioned on my index finger. That passed eventually. But then I tried walking, I only made like 5 – 10 steps before I had to sit down again. Figured maybe it was because all I’d eaten that day as Maccas brekky and 4 Cruskits. And maybe I needed sugar. So Sal went an got me an orange juice. After drinking it, it made me feel a bit more better. But when I tried walking it still was hard. So eventually we eventually made it to this wharfy area where I had a sit/lie down. It was so weird… I felt really cold and my legs where shaking and teeth chattering and I suddenlly felt *very* tired. That got better eventually and I could walk around slowly soon later. Fast forward a bit more and we were on the Ferris Wheel. Whenever it stopped to pick people up/drop them off made me feel sick. I *just* made it to the end stumbelled of sat down at the first wall. and felt like spewing…. so I did…. except there was nothing to spew up!!! I stumbled over to the edge of the wharf (again) ‘cos it was better to spew there if I was going too. And I swear I had the attempted spew motion like a good 4-5 times but nothing came up (‘cos of the eating not much during the day). But after that I felt alot better. Actually contemplating somehow making myself spew earlier on, as I knew it would make me feel better (same as a similar surfing experience…)… But yeah it was a good and interesting and weird night and I made it home safely. The above experience was so weird that I actually wonder if my body went into shock or hyperventilation or something. I was going to go to First Aird to see if they had anything / anywhere to lie down, cos I couldn’t walk without balancing myself up on Sal….

But yeah that’s my crazy story……..