Today have had a fairly good day. Slept in a bit to be woken up by Gonzo squawking about and making a mess with the seed. Anyways woke up, had some brekky, read the paper, read some stuff for uni then headed of towards the Pennant Hills area. Got there, did some work, and came back and visited my grandma in the afternoon. Oh yeah yesterday the provisional exam timetable came out and it is shocking! The core subjects are scheduled for the 15, 16, 17 of June… 3 consecutive days!!! That’s fscking crazy if you ask me – and 9:30am for each. My other exam is the 21st of June, the day after the damn Offspring concert! Talk about bad luck. Still I wanna go see the Offspring and I wanna do good at exams, so I’ll just have to keep to my schedule and be planned properly. Though the week the 15, 16, 17 is in I’ll have to take it off work as there is like no possibility I can work that week with a exam timetable like that.

Oh yeah yesterday (after my blog/post) went to Burwood to get a new power supply for the computer. $40… at least the comp works now, and its alot quieter. Also went to DSE and bought some stuff… that’s about it really.