Woah the whole Blogger website and blogging interface has changed… It looks a lot more modern, but I quite prefer the previous incarnation of it. I think this is the third overhaul they’ve had since I began blogging? (can’t recall).

Well guess what??? Today was like the first time I’ve actually truly had to ask for help in a lab because I was well and truly lost. But it all makes sense now, so that’s good. I could’ve fudged part of it and actually get it to submit and get my marks, but I’m not exactly into that. Kinda what to know they ‘why’ to a situation… otherwise what’s the point as I haven’t learnt anything…

Mmm anyways yeah I only got onto my comp a bit ago, ‘cos got home from uni round 8:30pm ate some dinner, watched some TV, had a shower, yeah usual stuff… blah I’m going to head to sleep… got a new assignment, so I’ve just done a bit, but I need to write down what my brain is thinking before it goes into overdrive.

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