Well I’ve spent the last few days since about Wednesday being driven insane by this DSPP assignment. I’m *very* close to it now, just 2 bits to fix up then it’ll be onto refinement.

Tonight I went to see Troy with Emily. It’s like the second movie I’ve seen where the main character (i.e. the hero) has died, the other movie being Gladiator. Mm Troy was okay for a kind of historical looking movie. I don’t usally watch movies like that often as I’m so naive about historical aspects of the world/stories that I often sit there in a bemused lost. But yeah this one was okay, ‘cos at least I had a very rough idea of what it was about. I have to say that the whole guy long hair look doesn’t work well… at least for Brad Pitt it don’t. Oh and speaking of with I can actually say a friend knows someone who actually has met Brad Pitt (the person being a film maker on the side). So I guess that’s another point to the Six Degrees of Separation… weird eh?

Bah my stupid brother drank too much again. FFS you’d think one could tell when they should stop drinking by this age wouldn’t you? Can’t fscking expect someone to always help you get in the front door and clean up your fscking spew. Yay and I get to be one half of it… Personally imho I reckon we all need to see a shrink… we’re all stuffed in the head. Life is sometimes stuffed, well the concept of it. There were some lines in Troy that kind of conveyed what I’d thought, which was cool – except I can’t remember them…

Anyways thats enough for now…

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