Check this out… how cool is that?!? Okay maybe you don’t follow, but yeah his blog is incredible and witty and a really good read. Which is a reminder to me to find out where the book version is (I think my brother borrowed it???).

Um, I though I posted yesterday, but I guess I didn’t… so what was my day yesterday? Went to lunch with my grandma, aunt, mum at Maq. Was okay. Checked out that scarf I want to buy, but then decided not to, as I don’t really want to pay the price it was labelled. Lol it wasn’t what I’d even call a reasonable price! I’ll probably buy over the Internet from the states, as it’s cheaper even with postage/shipping added.

Mmm also yesterday I spent an hour or so looking around on other uni websites. I realised that in 2 or so months I’ll have to put in subject choices for next year (in case I don’t do Industrial Training). And I need to make sure that my other electives will be enough to get me into a Grad Dip Ed if I really do decided to do that. Not 100% sure right now… I mean I don’t want to be a suit, but it doesn’t leave me with much other options does it??? Maybe I’m fussy. I could of course get really fit and become a bicycle courier??? There’s an option. But yeah I’d started considering the Dip Ed option actually after Year 12 finished, but decided I wouldn’t think about it too much till this year. And so now I have too (think about it). I bet no one had thought I’d even considered it??? LOL… don’t say much do I… Only thing which is scary is that I you have to cop alot of shit from ppl and can be given a job anywhere in the state… could I hack that? I don’t know. I really need to grow up sometimes…

Oh I *finally* solved my little DSPP problem, so it works now. But I need to refine it a bit… one of my functions is really messy, but if I try and change it now, it’s going to stuff the rest of everything. I need to check on the coupling and cohesion of it too… crapsie eh? So many assignments… all of the ones left being group/pair assignments.